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The professionals in building and renovations in Ireland.

Thank you for visiting our website!…we realise that the decision to improve your own premises or home is one of the most important decisions of any company or person’s life, and requires huge consideration when choosing a builder. Here at Andcol we have been building and reno- vating premises and homes for our clients for nearly 10 years, and the se- cret to our longevity, we believe, is the relationship and service we provide to all our clients in the process of building your dream premises or home.

Andcol Ltd has completed major projects throughout Ireland for a wide range of clients across all sectors.
The company has a proven track record in the Construction Industry and has worked with many of Ireland’s leading architects. Whatever the form of procurement, Andcol believes in working with its Clients and Designers as members of a team focussed on the successful delivery of every project.

At Andcol we are committed to helping our clients achieve competi- tive advantage through a flexible and innovative approach to design, construction and fit-out. Andcol prides ourselves on exceeding customer expectations in the areas of responsiveness, flexibility, quality and value.

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The Andcol Mission

Delivering exceptional personal service, quality and value. It is always the result of clear vision, determination, enormous effort and skillful execution that ensures the completed project.